Salty Beast is a website dedicated to creating and promoting animal rights events and information for animal advocates in Salt Lake City. It is a stand-alone project focusing on animal welfare developed by Revolution United. Big ideas don’t just occur without people coming together and starting in their own community.

The importance of community, especially involving the rights of animals and their welfare, is especially important, because if we can’t respect all life, what makes us think we will be able to respect the lives of each other? Positive growth with humans can’t happen if they don’t know how to treat other living beings. This includes domesticated animals for pets, livestock for food, and the environment around us.

By addressing issues within society pertaining to animals, we can form projects and ideas to help solve them, starting locally, and progress forward.

One of the goals that is hoped to be achieved, is moving Salt Lake into a “No-kill city”, which means the hundreds of dogs and cats that are euthanized each year, will have advocates helping push for them to be fostered and adopted, as opposed to being euthanized. These animals didn’t choose to live with people who couldn’t take care of them, and didn’t choose the path that they are given. With the help of the individuals who want change in this city, this is a goal that can be accomplished.

One of the ways to help spread awareness of the lack of rights and awareness for the animal community is with our STORIES section, which will post any stories about animals that are sent in, so people are able to read about those who can’t speak for themselves, and we are able to give them a voice.

Any information on upcoming events can be found in the EVENTS section, and any information on volunteering for those projects can be found in the VOLUNTEERS section.


When directly translated, “Salty Beast” means “a lower animal as distinguished from a human being, an animal under human control; something formidably difficult to control or deal with”, that is “of, seasoned with, or containing salt.”

Our translation directly refers to the above definition of “beast” in the sense that collectively with our voiceless companions, we will no longer allow the term “beast” to define the existence of animals, and create a stigma; and salty, pertaining to the fact that this must start locally, in our city of salt.

It is important for the “Salty Beasts” to be recognized as strong and to be respected.

If you have any questions or would like to submit a story, contact the director:
Caitlin Lodge | 801.462.1372 | caitlinlodge@gmail.com