CLUB METRO || THURSDAY 8/27 || 9PM (click to expand/hide)

Join us at Club Metro to kick off the festival.

Doctor Taboggan        DJ/DC
will be playing music to assist your body in the art of moving

Advocates of Animal Welfare will chain themselves to fences until they earn enough money to be set free. There will also be drink specials and prize drawings.

Every Greyhound Drink (grapefruit & vodka) purchased will be donated to the cause.

All proceeds go to Ching Farm Rescue and Sactuary

THE PICKLE FACTORY || FRIDAY 8/28 || 8PM (click to expand/hide)

Indie Underground has joined forces with our cause and will be allocating a percentage of the night's profits to Ching.

Performers Include:
A Hart     BEACHMEN     The North Valley     
Mariah Richard w/ South City Jazz
DJ Griff     Stubeeee     Salt City Indie Art Poets

In between each set there will be:
Freestyle Rappers
Break Dance Performers
Fire Dance Performers

SALT LAKE LIBRARY || SATURDAY 8/29 || 4:30PM (click to expand/hide)

We will take to the streets and walk together with our animal companions as we demonstrate our support.

We will meet at 4:30pm on the East side of the Library.
Here we will be preparing signs and our animals for the march which starts at 5:00pm.

After our walk we will come together at Richmond Park to play, eat, rest, and have the Boppin Betties wash our dogs. Police Motorcyclist will stop traffic for us as we walk and there will be free buses to transport people & dogs back to their cars.

THE WOODSHED || SATURDAY 8/29 || 9PM (click to expand/hide)
Wrap up the Festival and Rally at the Woodshed.

Here we will announce the Prize Winners, listen to fantastic live music and DJ's and share a final tally on how much money we have raised.
Every Greyhound drink purchased is donated.
Our goal is $3,000!

Performers include:
Pablo Blaqk      Problem Daughter
Lady Murasaki      The Saintanne      Arion Johnson

Three nights and a day of gatherings, all fueled by a desire to see better treatment of domesticated animals.


Come to any of these events and show your support!

For more information contact Salty Beast's Director:
Caitlin Lodge | 801.462.1372 |